IMTA: International Modeels & Talent auditions

The International Modeling & Talent Association is the place where the world's top model and talent agents, managers and casting directors come to find new faces. IMTA offers unique performance and educational opportunities for aspiring models, actors, singers, dancers and songwriters to showcase their skills and learn from the industry professionals who can get their career started.

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SWMT is honored to be a member of the International Model and Talent Association.
We host auditions twice a year with top scout Laura Gentry in both Arizona and Colorado.


Top International Scout Laura Gentry will be assisting SWMT at their Phoenix and Denver auditions ONLY, in selecting our elite team for the International Model and Talent Association's Los Angeles, LA 2018 Convention. Ms. Gentry has been in the industry for over 25 years, scouting all over the world looking for the newest, freshest faces in the modeling and acting industries. Her discoveries include over 10 Emmy nominated actors, including Eva Longoria, Jerry Ferrara from HBO's Entourage, and Moises Arias from Disney's Hannah Montana, as well as many other models and celebrities.

Ms. Gentry is going to be in town one day only, helping us audition talent to participate in the upcoming International Modeling & Talent Association Competition. The IMTA Convention is an invitation only, highly exclusive event that we are honored to be a part of. Models and actors selected to participate will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of hundreds of the top national and international agencies looking for new faces.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Prepare to take your career to the next level and contact our agency to pre-register for the audition today!

IMTA Success Stories

Check out the video below to see a glimpse of some IMTA alumni and what some have been doing since attending the convention.

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